Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chillin' out in Kune

Patricia riding the horse.
Barabara and the twin lambs.

I am amazed at the teaching I have seen with Bridget in room one and I had a good time visiting Room 2 this afternoon. The children had so many questions to ask and we run out of time at the end of the day to answer them all. The welcome into the school this morning was very warm (the school put on another Powhiri for me). The weather is warm today. I have no more chills. We are getting ready to go to the mountain tomorrow. Will I ski? From here to there..... I will try!!!

I wish the way of teaching here could be the way of teaching in Zambia, I think it could help us make children appreciate aducation and make a big change in their lives. I was amazed by the level the children in room one were learning at.

Yesterday morning we went to church, I was blessed at church and I am very popular... everybody is inviting me for dinner at their homes (Bridget is worried she won't get to spend any time out side of the classroom with me!!!). And we are not having time with Jason. My visit to the farm was amazing, I really enjoyed the warm welcome by Bridget's Mum and Dad and I really enjoyed the roast dinner. We saw Barbara the pet sheep with her twin lambs and I was amazed at the way the dog listened to the different sounds of the whistle and rounded the sheep up in different directions. I rode the horse and was very nervous but it was really good. We went round the farm and up to the river, it was 'TREMENDOUS'!!!

I think we should utilise the chance to really aquire the strategies and then think of ways to use them in Zambia to help a child. We really need to share the experiences that we are seeing in the classrooms with ourselves here and then back in Zambia.

All our Love,

Patricia and Bridget

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sally said...

Hi Patricia and Bridget

Sounds like you guys are having an amazing time. So glad the weather is treating you well too! Good luck skiing - can't wait to hear about that one. Nice comments about the teaching and learning too Patricia. Have a great day today,
Sally xx