Thursday, August 14, 2008

Melvin's Stay at Northcross Intermediate School

The last day in Christchurch almost ended on a bad note as I missed my flight to Auckland. Nevertheless, I managed to be booked on another flight the same evening. Kathy picked me from the Airport and took me to Chelsea's family who hosted me for one night.
The following morning, I was dropped at Northcross Intermediate School and was welcomed by My Partner Teacher - Lynn who quickly introduced me to all members of staff at the school. She took me on a topur of the school and showed me different classes, library, Gym, performing arts center, sports courts etc. Thereafter, she took me to her class 'year 8'. The students welcomed me using English and Maori Greetings. I then told the students about Zambia and my school-Mukupi Basic School. Students asked alot of questions which I gladly answered.

On the second day, I observed Lynn teach Mathematics and Science and she used several methods such as discovery, enquiry and Group work. I also attended a departmental meeting to which Lynn belongs. The meeting discussed many things which included assignments which were supposed to be given to the year 8. During the evening, Lynn's house was filled with her relatives who came to meet me. We had a lovely dinner.

On day three, I accompanied a class to the Zoo. This trip was part of a Science lesson they had leraned. I saw sea lions, seals, Kiwis, penguins and a lot more.

On day four I observed Lynn teach her class how to use a Calculator. I also went round the class assisiting students who had difficulties. Thereafter, I accompanied Lynn and other teachers to Long Bay College where a lot of performamces were done.

On the Last day I observed some lessons in mathematics and Lynn gave them homework. I assisted some students on how to write the work in their diaries. I also attended the school assembly at which I gave a small speech to the whole school. I told them about Zambia and some of the challenges faced in schools. Lynn's students presented a card and some soccer balls to me. In addition, books and other stationary were presented to me to handover to my school. As I walked out of the Hall, all children were saying 'Goodbye Melvin' it was rather emotional.

On a relaxing side, Lynn took me to see the beach. I also went to watch a movie and also wnt onto a race car and I drove one for about 20 minutes. I also visited a Snow Planet which has man-made snow. I enjoyed eating Mcdonalds food too. Lastly, I accompanied Lynn to a group known as Toast Master- the groups tries to encourage public speaking. Generally, it's been a good experince for me as a teacher and especially as School Manger. I've learnt a lot and will take this knowledge back to my colleagues at Mukupi School.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

William Day 3 Reporoa College

We drove off from Kate's house safely and reached school in good time. We had a staff meeting for 20 minutes followed by normal teaching.
I taught Mathematics to Year 7 students and Social Studies to Year 8 students. In both classes pupils participated fully and actively. Pupils discussed freely in groups and reported their findings.
I attended a drama lesson where I learnt a number of different types of games. I also talked to Year 12 students about Zambia and they asked me a lot of questions.
At 3 oclock we visited Harry Kalizinje from Zambia who is now working in New Zealand. He invited me through Sally after learning that I was at Reporoa College from Zambia. We had a nice time with his family and had a dinner together.
Finally we drove back to Kate's house safely.

William Day 2 at Reporoa College

I woke at 4:30am as usual to prepare for school. At 6:40 we drove off to school and reached it in good time.
Christabel and Sally visited the school and we had a brief talk about how I have been spending my time in NZ, particularly at school. Thereafter, Kate introduced Christabel and Sally to the principal and they had a short discussion about ChildFund Global Schools Programme.
I observed a social studies lesson to Year 7 students about Olympics. During the lesson students in pairs were identifying the different types of sports by looking at the pictures.
I was requested by Year 8 and 9 students to go to their classes and talk about Zambia. Two people from newspaper interviewed Kate and I about ChildFund Programme.
After lessons at 3 oclock we drove back to Tihoi Venture School where Kate lives. At 7pm I attended a drama performed by Tihoi students where I was asked to say something about Zambia. They gave me a gift of a card and a t-shirt. The day ended well.

William Day 1 at Reporoa College

I woke up at 4:30am and took a shower in readiness for the day. After breakfast at 6am we drove off to Reporoa College from Kate's house.
We reached the college in one hour, had a staff meeting where Kate introduced me to all members of staff and briefly talked about ChildFund Global Schools Programme. Then all teachers went for assembly in the hall to meet the students. There was a powhiri and kapahaka and then the principal introduced me to all the students. Then it was my chance to say something about myself.
After assembly, I observed a mathematics lesson and social studies. In the afternoon I was taken to Reporoa Primary School to say something about Zambia. It was a good day!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

William Friday Day 5

This morning i packed my bags to get ready to go to Reperoa. First up this morning the staff had a meeting and then we went to another primary school called lynmore Primary. (helens daughter attends this school). We talked to year 5 students about Zambai and they were very intelligent and asked excellent questions. I danced for them also and they loved it. Helen, Vanessa and I went to a bakery for morning tea and had a donut filled with cream. I saw the police chasing a car. (NO GUNS THOUGH).

We returned to Rotorua Intermediate and I was touring the Tech Arts area looking at the specialist subjects which we call Home economics. I then returned and Helen and Vanessa had a shared lunch prepared with all the students. They all got up and spoke and wished me well. I am going to miss this school.

All afternoon we played games and sang. All the students gave me a hug and said good bye. They are very upset I am going. Now I am waiting for Kate to pick me up.

William Thursday Day 4

Thursday was a busy day for me as pupils in all classes wanted to interview me about Zambia. They wanted to know more about Zambia. As for this reason I went from one class to another untill lunchtime.

Thirty minutes before lunch I was interviewed by the rotorua review another newspaper about Zambia and the Child fund programme.

In the afternoon we had a school assembly to recieve the Mayor of Rotorua. I was also asked to talk about myself and Zambia and this went until the end of the day.

I went to Whakarewarewa thermal village and saw native maori culture and mud pools with another teacher.

I had KFC for dinner. I attended the school disco organised by Helen and Vanessa. This was for raising funds for Nangoma basic school. The disco finished at 9.00 and by this time I was very tired as I am still adjusting to New Zealand time.

Tomorrow is my last day at rotorua Intermediate.

William Wedneday Day 3

I taught a Mathematics lesson about angles in a Zambian way to vanessa's class. Pupils enjoyed the lesson as every one participate actively. I liked the way pupils performed in groups. In every group pupils were very free to discuss and find answers to the given questions. Group representatives reported their findings with less dificulties. All the three groups into which pupils were divided did extremely well. An individual exercise was given to the students. Out of 32 pupils who were present at the time of my lesson only 1 student got 0 out of 4 all the rest got 100%.

I also taught a Mathematics lesson to Helens class in a similar way. Pupils participated fully through ouyt the lesson. Group work was adequatly done as pupils discussed freely and also reported their findings.

Individual lesons were also given out and only 1 child got 1/2 the rest got all the questions correct.

This evening I drove a 4wd drive truck around a farm. This was great. I rode a horse this was amazing and I loved it. I went surfing on a car bonnet over 15 acres. I fed pigs, horses and went flying on the back of a trailor full of sileage.

I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Frida's Stay at Massey

My Week at Massey High School

My Partner teacher is Laura Swan who teaches English and Dance. During the week, I home-stayed with Mr and Mrs Kirsten Shaw. They have 3 children 2 boys and a girl. One of the highlights of my first day was being introduced at a staff briefing and school assembly. Thereafter, I observed some English lessons. My main observation was that teachers at Massey are facilitators and all lessons are child centered.
The main highlight of the second day was the visit by the Minister of Education, Childfund Staff and press person fronm NZ Herald- Valmoana. There was a Question and Answer session with the students. On my third day, I taught a Dance Lesson where I taught Zambian dances to Year 9, 10 and 12. On my fourth day, Kirsten took me to visit Massey University. On my last day, I made my farewell remarks, students asked me questions about Zambia, they also brought food for the whole class to share. Ms Swan read out letters from the Zambian Students. Students from Maseey also wrote back. Generally, Teachers and students are very friendly, the learning environment is very good, nice buildings and alot of out door activities. Each Teacher has a lap top- Wow! and before I forget- these people love their culture. Despite the hard work- I've had a lot of fun watching movies and eating sushi.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Melvin Day Three

I woke up this morning at 6.55am in Christchurch, which is in the south island of New Zealand, at my partner teacher, Helen Chileshe's house. I was offered breakfast of coffee and toast. We had breakfast together with Helen's husband, Evans, and her 2 sons Luamba and Temwa. They told me that when I get home after school, I should give them my clothes to wash.

We got into the vehicle to go to school - Christ's College. When we reached the school, I observed an English class with Year 9s with Sharn, in which they were learning about the formation of a story using pictures. There was another teacher in the class named Paul, who was showing the students how to use the computer as their story. I thought the flow of the story in picture form was very nice.

Next, I went to the chapel where boys were singing (this is an all boys school). There were many, many boys in the chapel learning new songs from the chaplain. They used 2 different hymn books.

Then as we went out of the chapel, Dirk took me to his mathematics class to tell the students about Zambia and in particular, Mukupi School and Mumbwa. In this class, he introduced me to his students and asked me to talk to the students. They had many questions, like 'how do we manage to teach a lot of students in only 4 classrooms?', or 'do you have a lot of educational resources at your school?' and many more questions. I felt good talking to these students because it's my first time to stand in front of so many white faces and talk, that they wanted to know about Zambia.

From there I went again the Sharn's class, this time a senior one, and back again to Dirk's class after that.

In my lifetime, I have never seen such a school as Christ's College. It is one of the oldest and most expensive schools in NZ. Buildings are very attractive, the teachers are very responsible for their subject and class areas, and are on time and professional. The relationship between teachers, students and teacher to student is very respectful and they do many activities together, including taking lunch breaks and playing sports.

I would like to take this experience of how the lessons are being conducted and the good staff relationships back to Mukupi and to Mumbwa.

William Day Two

I observed Vanessa's lesson in English. Pupil were asked to write about themselves to Nangoma pupils in Zambia. There it was time for Mathematics. Pupils were divided into three groups, one group was with Vanessa, the other group was with me and the third group was busy with some computer work on Geometry.

I enjoyed teaching a small group. Pupils participate fully, they named, described and drew 2 dimensional (2D) shapes with less difficulties. The group had only 10 pupils.

Two people from the Daily Post News paper came to interview us; Vanessa, Helen and I about ChildFund Global Schools Programme.

In the afternoon I observed another lesson in English about reading. Pupils were asked to answer the question. How do humans generate speed, after reading a passage that was projected on the wall.

We planned the lessons together with Vanessa for the next day. Now I am off to the movies with the principal of Rotorua Intermediate, Garry.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Willam Day One

I was Welcomed by some traditional songs followed by my speech them a speech by one of the rotorua school teachers. I was taken around the school and shown all the buildings and play grounds. I was introduced to the class of hellen & vanessa where pupils asked me alot of questions about zambia.

I was also givin change to ask the pupils questions about new zealand .
In the afternoon one of the pupils taught me some basics of how a computer is operated .

It is hard to believe that their are 25 computers in each class and no blackboards.