Thursday, September 17, 2009

Patricia at Kings College

It is a delight to have Patrica Silenga from Zambia here with us here at King's College for the week. Patricia was officially welcomed to King's College at Tuesday's assembly together with Humphrey Mbwili from ChildFund, Zambia who was visiting for the day. It has been a busy time for Patricia since her arrival. She has been hosted by the wonderful girls of Middlemore House who have made every effort to make Patricia welcome. Thanks so much to Kate Withy and Amanda de Latour who have helped Patricia settle in. Patricia is staying with them on-site and so has had a taste of what it means to enjoy boarding life here at King's. Patricia spoke to 450 students on two consecutive days at our daily Chapel services about life and school in Zambia.

For the students it was a firsthand opportunity to hear from someone who lives and teaches in Zambia and learn about what it's like. The students were absorbed by Patricia's stories as well as her wonderful Zambian accent. Since the beginning of the week Patricia has been observing classes, speaking in them and today she was interviewed together with our Chaplain, Rev Warner Wilder by Shine TV about the work of ChildFund. We're so thankful as a school to ChildFund for making Patricia's visit possible and for enriching our College life with the chance to connect with the children of this rural school in Zambia. We are thoroughly looking forward to the rest of Patricia's stay and for the ongoing connection with the Global Schools Programme.

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