Thursday, September 10, 2009

Skiing time guys!

its always humphrey and i on my blog, we would like to here from you guys too and share the fun. i think my staying is educative and adventurous, its like going around the would in one week. Orewa is other wonderfull place Chibunda is stuck in, i feel like has everything you guys are missing. it is really a great place and the people are really kind and lovely. WE WENT SKIING! WOO! We attended an assembly at red beach school where Sue teaches and the programme was all being run by learners, it was so amazing seeing children talking about forces and motion having to do with the bike inventions. later after the assembly, we rushed for rangitahi fuction at redhill school. the fuction went on well good and well organised programme. the theme was working together with our youths. the function was so eductive and cultural, wish you guys were here. MISS U ALL.

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