Monday, September 7, 2009


After a long drive from Rotorua with all that smell i slept like a baby in the car. We missed the cultural performance but had to see the mud pool, hot water coming out from these openings with smoke all over the the place. Papakura is really a good place to be with smiling faces every where. The first day was good. We had assembly in the morning and Humphrey and i were welcomed we great performances from pupils from different age groups. We had a chance to meet other teachers and to see the environment like in classrooms. Humphrey and i went to Julie's class where we sat and watch the teaching. She is really a good teacher and I am going to learn a lot of stuff from her. The learners were good and participating very good but kept on greeting me with hi here, there and a lot of questions about Zambia. The questions were about pupils from Zambia like how long they have to walk to school, what age is the first year, the president and so on. I stayed in Julie's class today and will have my observation tomorrow from other classes. The reason i stayed in her class was that i wanted to see all what was on the timetable and get used to the pupils. the experience was great and productive, educative and very exciting.

Love from Chibunda and Julie

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